Inventory Tracking Software

Hildiid inventory tracking software is affordable, easy-to-use software for any small business providing either goods or services. An inventory Software is a critical part of your business even if you have a good qualified staff. Your business must have the right tool at the right time to manage your products. In this modern time you can not focus your customer without focusing on your inventory. That is the reason you need to have this Inventory management tool in order to save time and money.

Your product will be controlled from purchasing to ensure you order the right product, receiving the product from your suppliers and up to selling it to your customer. Our inventory management software do not need any extra hardware. Your computer is enough and you can parchage any barcode reader.

Hildiid Inventory has been designed to fit for a wide range of businesses. However, if you have a specific requirement that we do not currently offer, we may be able to add this functionality to Hildiid Inventory by developing it for you.

Some of the functions are:

  • Check Top Selling Products
  • Check Expiry Date Control
  • Flexible Product Searching
  • Check Product By Location
  • Trace Product By Serial
  • Check Product By Suppliers
  • Bar Code Compatible
  • Provides Discount Structures
  • Check Your Price Lists
  • Products minimum stock quantities to give warning before you run out of the stock
  • Provides Delivery Addresses
  • Provides Multiple Currencies
  • And more

Our inventory tracking software has

  • Point of sales
  • Sales management
  • Customer management
  • Supplier management
  • Order management
  • And much more.



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